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Inventory & Storage

Why Use Eclipse Displays?

Inventory and Storage

Our Online Asset Management Option allows us to place all exhibit materials online, Custom exhibit properties, portables, products, and collateral.  We can give a real-time view of all properties; where it is, when it will return, and where it has been.  This allows the client to assign different levels of access to several managers.  Being in  real-time there isn’t a chance of a double order as the system catches any overlapping of dates.

Online Inventory Key features & benefits

Products, Services & Capabilities:

Event Management Technology

Personal Edition application allows you to manage one event or 1,500 events. Personal Edition keeps track of inventory, staffing, task management, budgeting and reporting all in real-time. With Cloud computing, We have taken a disjointed process managed with file folders and support staff and has provided an application that works to seamlessly integrate the exhibit planning and management process. This now enables anyone who has stake in making the event a success, more efficient, with less effort and more results.

Asset Management Technology

Project Lite version requires no tradeshow software and is used primarily by exhibit companies/suppliers. This powerful web-based exhibit and event application offers centralized management of tradeshow assets and streamlined work process coupled with client interaction anywhere, anytime, all in a secure environment. What’s your edge? Customized solutions branded to your company give you the edge you need to create differentiation in the market place, leverage your existing relationships and drive sales with Project Lite.

 Project Management Technology

Developed for the industry, by the industry, award-winning Project Edition delivers a dynamic, flexible online application that can simplify, streamline and support the exhibit professionals internal project management and workflow processes. Project Edition effectively connects all aspects of a project including Estimating, Approval, Proposals, Project Blogs, Project Timelines (syncs with Microsoft Outlook/Calendar) and all necessary processes resulting in improved workflow and increased productivity for all key departments and project leaders involved. Unlike any other project management online application on the market today, Project Edition features a Form Builder that enables users to create forms specific to their needs. This application requires no tradeshow software and can be integrated into existing CRM (such as ACT, Goldmine or SalesForce) and accounting programs (such as QuickBooks) while allowing for the collaborative exchange and tracking of information among key work groups through one centralized virtual project hub.