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About Eclipse Displays

We have over twenty years of tradeshow experience, and have noticed the lack of concern toward the price, knowledge of the exhibitors products, and quality of service provided to exhibitors.  The attitude is basically, we have a captive audience and we will do and charge as we please.  This attitude is rampant in the industry and happens everyday.  Instead of building a long term relationship, everyone wants to hit a homerun for each and every show.

We feel it should be different and so we chose to conduct ourselves as if we are the exhibitor while working a show for them. We made decisions as if it were our company’s money we are spending. This industry needs an exhibit house that will look out for the best interest of its clients.  We know if we stick to our ethical attitude and willingness to learn all we can about our clients, it will pay off.

After 20 years we still service the same client that stuck with me when we opened Eclipse Displays as well as many others.  This is more rewarding of a career than we could have hoped for when it all started.  We love our clients and the friendships we have gained through this business.

We hope if you are reading this, and looking for an exhibit house, that you keep in mind the importance of this relationship.  We will know your company’s marketing strategies, newest products, and newest ideas.  You need to pick a group that you trust to keep this information secure.  We are fair with pricing and give the best service in the industry.

To give the best service in the tradeshow industry to our clients:

We will achieve great service by giving our best and becoming part of our client’s team.   We will provide service unheard of in this industry, making the exhibiting experience pleasant and successful for our clients.  We will give our clients the personal service they demand and deserve.

To develop not only partnerships but also friendships with our client:

This will be accomplished by caring about our clients needs, and making those needs a priority for our business.  By having ethical and honest business practices.  And by remembering we are dealing with people within a company and strive to take interest in their personal lives.

To care about our employees:

We will provide our employees a work environment that not only teaches service but also teaches them to develop their talents and use them to the fullest.  We will provide our employees the necessary tools and materials necessary to reach their full potential.  We will remember that the employees are just as important to the success of the company as the clients and will strive to always treat them fairly.

We will service each of our business partners with pride and to the best of our abilities.  Knowing that Eclipse Displays’ partners consist of not only our valued clients but also our suppliers and employees who are the key to providing the clients the best product available.